Mediatraining: give a stress-free journalist interview

Take up the challenge of media exposure, learn how journalists work, and practice communicating confidently no matter the questions, with a clear, coherent and impactful message in an interview situation.

Preparing for a successful interview

  • Managie the stress of public speaking and its physiological and psychological consequences
  • Know the rules of journalism: ethics, “on” and “off”. Identify the motivations, requirements and expectations of journalists.
  • Integrate the specifics of radio, TV, print and web interviews
  • Know the rules of the game in front of cameras and microphones
  • Find out more about journalists so you can approach them more effectively What vocabulary for what media, what target?
  • Determine your audience’s expectations and main goal, and identify the essential message and key ideas.
  • Vulgarize information: use simple, concrete words, avoid jargon, give examples and use images.
  • Design language elements

Playing the role of spokesperson in the media

  • Anticipate difficult issues and prepare for “hot files”
  • Control instinctive reactions
  • Defeat manipulation, identifying simplifications, distortions and traps
  • Be specific and precise
  • Acquire techniques and reflexes to avoid pitfalls and deal with them assertively
  • Give conviction to your words: smile, attitude, posture, managing silences, etc.

Group session

2-3 persons

1 day

7 hours training



1,990 US$

Individual session

1 person

1 half-day

3,5 hours training



3,750 US$

Our individual or group training