Conduct an effective meeting in the style of radio/TV show

Prepare and run a meeting using presentation and communication techniques specific to radio and television to captivate your audience, animate exchanges, manage highlights and create an effective meeting experience.

Rigorously prepare your timeline, your line-up of speakers and your audience

  • Define the goal, the format of the meeting according to the chosen decision-making process, the angles of the subjects and the roles of “technician”, “chronicler”, “guest” or “simple listener” for the participants.
  • Design the meeting plan based on the timing, hierarchy and format of the sequences
  • Anticipate difficulties and possible conflict situations on D-Day
  • Open up to new meeting formats: stand-up meetings, silent meetings, collaborative help…

Animate with presence and dynamism

  • Welcome participants and present your summary and the purpose of the meeting with enthusiasm and conviction.
  • Lead each sequence of the meeting with clarity and interest for the audience
  • Initiate interactivity and exchanges between participants
  • Ensure that meetings run smoothly and that discussions are relevant
  • Listen to what is said, what is not said and what is seen
  • Regain control of exchanges, reframe any slippage and relaunch the dynamic
  • Encourage interactivity with remote listeners
    Effective closing with impact

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1 day

7 hours training



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