Adopt agile communication in all circumstances

Take the lead in a presentation or meeting, handling objections and sensitive issues with assertiveness, while defending your ideas and positions.

Assert your communication posture

  • Control instinctive reactions
  • Manage stress and its physiological and psychological consequences
  • Thwart manipulation
  • Identify simplifications, distortions and pitfalls
  • Acquire techniques and reflexes to avoid pitfalls and deal with them assertively
  • Listen to objections, remarks and reproaches

Handle objections and take the lead in discussions

  • Demonstrate yourself in an assertive, non-frontal way
  • Calmly defend your positions
  • Be specific and precise
  • Get your message across, defend your ideas and project, and build confidence
  • Win over the audience

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4-6 persons

1 day

7 hours training



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Individual session

1 person

1 half-day

3,5 hours training



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