Helping you unlock your potential, develop personally and succeed professionally

Do you need a coach to help you develop your leadership and personality, succeed professionally and improve your well-being?

  • A specific context : a recruitment process, taking up a position, career development, demonstrating leadership skills, a difficult managerial situation, overcoming a professional deadlock, guiding and leading a team, carrying out a large-scale project, initiating a corporate change, a turnaround, a transformation, demonstrating spokesperson skills, becoming an engaging and charismatic public figure. A unique approach: no training, no counseling, no mentoring, no thera
  • A unique approach: no training, no counseling, no mentoring, no therapy. I offer a personalized helping relationship where you are responsible for your personal investment and the content of our conversations. Each session is based on non-judgmental listening to create a space for connection, with direct, frank and sincere feedback from me to enable you to reflect, act and move forward to reach your own goal.
  • A rigorous method: 3 to 7 sessions of 1h to 1h30 each, over 3 to 6 months, by telephone, videoconference or face-to-face. Each session has precise goals, targeted tools and powerful questions, a tangible action plan and concrete tasks between our appointments, with a feedback culture to help you make continuous progress, based on the results of your Comprofiles® communication profile and guiding principles questionnaires, included in your coaching program.
  • A proven frame of reference: the communication profiles and the inventory of guiding principles of the ComProfiles® model will be the foundation of your journey. The communication profile describes a person’s behavioral preferences, focusing in particular on their dominant psychological language. It provides a precise description of a person’s unique needs, qualities, weaknesses and specific shortcomings. It proposes an initial development program. A person’s guiding principles correspond to what seems important to them in life. They serve as a compass for making the most important choices.
  • Uncompromising ethics: the focus is on listening to you, your voice, your feelings, your autonomy and guaranteeing the confidentiality of our exchanges.
  • Price: 675 US$ per session

Book your 30-minute pre-coaching appointment now, so we can explore and refine your request, and answer any questions you may have about how the coaching sessions will unfold, so you can start unlocking your potential.