Cultivate your leadership

Cultivate your leadership

Teaching you to build self-confidence, speak without stress, and express your leadership style.



Helping you in a unique and personalized way
to set ambitious goals and craft winning tailored


Helping you unlock your team’s potential,
cultivate its maturity, efficiency, and collective
intelligence, to boost its performance and


Helping you to manage your stress and unlock
your potential to others through your speaking,
with confidence, pleasure, pride and serenity.


Offer your team a moment of inspiration,
motivation and transformation of their
communication style.

Arnaud Balme

As certified professional coach, trainer, and organizational consultant specializing in Behavioral Agility & Leadership, Arnaud Balme leverages his 15 years of experience as a radio host and journalist on Radio France’ stations to enhance your leadership communication skills.

Arnaud Balme lives between Paris (France) and Boston (USA).

Give meaning to your words, unite people around your vision, tell stories, ignite the flame in others, give them energy, create a sense of belonging, be a source of inspiration, motivation and action for your audience, inspire them, make them dream of tomorrow with the words of today, so that they can rise and flourish;

Tell the truth by speaking directly, be concrete, speak the truth, be anchored in the facts, speak clearly, with pedagogy, honesty and sincerity, so that the other person can have confidence;

Speak from the heart, with empathy, speak to your audience with humanity, listen and understand the needs of the other person, be on their side and speak to them as the best version of yourself, be an authority of conviction, rely on your own values: openness, exemplarity, integrity, trust, reliability, responsibility, courage, positivity and constructiveness,… so that the other people can open up.

No one is immune to the fear of judgment, of not being liked, of not measuring up, even for the radio & TV professional that I used to be. But nothing is insurmountable. Who dares, wins!

The most famous roman public speaker, Cicero, used to say: «In principiis dicendi tota mente atque artubus contremisco.» «At the beginning of a speech my legs, arms and mind shake»And I totally understand and agree on this sentence. The “Ars Orandi” was something that was taken very seriously in the ancient time and I decided to do the same for myself: I enrolled on a 2 days course with Arnaud: amazing what I could reach with his special seminar in Public Speaking. He is a great speaker and fantastic teacher: by chance in the following weeks I had to speak several times in public and I had the possibility to practice my new knowledge. I received a lot of compliments even by very severe “judges”. I really suggest to contact Arnaud to improve communication on a personal and on a company level.

Ivana Rocca, Hoffmann Neopac AG

Arnaud is an outstanding professional who has skillfully and wisely guided me through my media interactions. With his invaluable advice, I’ve learned to respond to journalists with calmness and accuracy, thereby cultivating a fair and professional demeanor in my media engagements. His expertise and experience have been invaluable in my learning journey. I highly recommend Arnaud for his exceptional media communication skills.

Julien Tchernia, Ekwateur

Arnaud is a top-notch professional in media training and public speaking prep. I’ve been working with him for over 5 years and can’t recommend him enough. He’s got a knack for pinpointing and prepping for the hot-button issues in the news, all while delivering impactful training sessions complete with real-life simulations (stage, radio, TV, print, etc.). The real highlights? His availability, straightforward methodology enriched by his journalism background, and a broad media savvy across various fields—all served up in a super friendly professional setting.

Julia Debienne, PR Advisor

Arnaud is a professional coach that help our team to engage with our client with amazing pitch. He offered great insight into both the delivery of the speech and the structure so that our clients hear a clear call to action. He is one of the best people that I have worked with!Arnaud is a professional coach that help our team to engage with our client with amazing pitch. He offered great insight into both the delivery of the speech and the structure so that our clients hear a clear call to action. He is one of the best people that I have worked with!

Olivier Mouroux, Asiance

Arnaud is our coach at Mirakl and has been for several years, working across our organization from the CEO to anyone with client facing roles. He supports us not only in the technical skills of public speaking, but also in crafting keynotes and presentations that have a stronger impact. Thanks to his expertise in storytelling and his prior professional experience in TV and media, we get precious tips and tricks from the field. I have personally taken Arnaud’s training several times, and each time it was adapted to my level and I saw a big improvement. I find it especially useful for preparing big keynote presentations because he provides input and ideas, as well as a proper cadence for rehearsing. Arnaud has a special talent to find the exact areas where each participant can improve, and he adapts his coaching to help each individual. Everyone can see a very big difference in the “before” and “after”, if you work with Arnaud. Every professional must take this training, because it will help you gain in confidence, present better, and have more impact on your audience. It’s an investment that will serve you for your career, and even in your personal life. Thank you Arnaud!

Kelly Gow, Mirakl

Arnaud has his own unique and highly effective way of honing your public speaking skills, whether it’s crafting the message you want to convey, steering clear of topics you’d rather avoid, or perfecting your posture. And don’t forget to grab the videos of your practice sessions on your way out—they’ll keep you laughing for a long time…

Marc Norlain, AriadNEXT

I took part in a training session led by Arnaud to improve my public speaking. In just two sessions, I gained valuable and practical tips, advice, and insights on structuring my message and perfecting my posture for public speaking. Arnaud’s approach stands out for its effectiveness and applicability. This training is among the few I revisit regularly to reinforce what I’ve learned and to explore new topics. Thanks, Arnaud!

David De Almeida, SNCF

What’s better than stories to capture attention? Arnaud knows how to tell them and has taken the time to teach us the tricks of the trade. His storytelling approach has extracted the very essence of our project. He also coached us to win over the audience at the EDF R&D awards. Thanks to a compelling speech, we managed to evoke emotion among our listeners. Indeed, our test laboratory was awarded the audience prize, and new clients are now interested in our work. His take on public speaking adds real value to your innovative projects. We highly recommend incorporating his expertise into your innovative endeavors and listening to his stories.

Adrien Bollotte, EDF